Since 2020

Pride In Seeking Perfection


With every detail for your event you look for perfection! You want the best for your guests and you expect the best from your vendors. We strive for perfection with aspect of our being.  We choose great ingredients from great suppliers. We use battle tested techniques that have been put into practice by us for well over a half a century of combined experience. We listen to what YOU want and communicate to insure we seek perfection for your event.


Panisse Salad

Straight From Us

We Believe In Quality


Growing up in this industry and being surrounded by creative minds, delicious ingredients and monumental aspiriations has given us a great footing. Just like many great pit masters out there searching for the best wood to smoke the best meats we have embraced the simplicity of good Qūe.

Does this mean we are just a couple more barbeque guys? Heck no, we have embraced the simplicity of it like a maestro of pasta seeks the best flour and gives it nothing but love. or maybe it is the sushi chef that strives for perfection in each and every slice of the pristine tuna. These are the ways of the chef and our Chi, I mean Qūe is here to provide the best for you and your guests.